(From Steam's FSW News page):

We're launching our 4th update to the career mode in the Flight Sim World beta branch. We've added the option to reset your career mode progress if you're eager to move home base or start over and check out some of these updates.

There are also a number of bug fixes, so check below for the full list:

Added pop-up message when an aircraft is selected that is not suitable for a job.
Added a reset button to the header bar, allowing for a full reset of career mode data.
Added failure feedback messages in log window and will now automatically switch to this window when a new message is posted.
Users with either the LAPL or Student license should receive into their fleet the PA-18 for achieving 1-star reputation and the DA-40 for achieving 2-star reputation.
Fixed a bug that was preventing certain job types being available.
Fixed a bug that was providing overly generous job salaries.
Fixed a bug that meant that the ATC widget was not appearing at the start of a flight.
Fixed a bug that meant that the log window was disappearing when toggling pause.
Fixed a bug where certain log messages were disappearing.
Fixed a bug where certain jobs were appearing for which the user doesn’t own a suitable aircraft.
Fixed a bug relating to the time of day.
Fixed a bug related to an intermittent ATC/log window issue.