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Thread: DF727 panel: ILH TCAS and Transponder for on line flights

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    Default RE: DF727 panel: ILH TCAS and Transponder for on line flights

    Just an update after some time of using it.

    I found that by using ilhtcaschange.gau (feeding electrics info to TCAS gauge) if I do nothing with the aircraft while starting with cold & dark cockpit and leave the aircraft dead for a while, when I switch on engines & electrics the TCAS stays dead (black) and does not come alive even though DF727 electrics switch on.

    Only solution is not to delay powering up of the aircraft.

    Kyprianos Biris
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    Hmm, I thought I'd posted here yesterday...

    Is it possible to use AIBridge to link online traffic to the Dreamfleet 727 transponder? It seems to work with a freeware gauge that's meant to simulate an F-16's radar - that is, I was flying on VATSIM with AIBridge running, and my aircraft used this gauge (as a weather radar!), and it was picking up the other VATSIM pilot's aircraft. I could click on their aircraft as they appeared on the radar and get their callsign and height.

    (The F-16 gauge was designed to be a radar, not TCAS, so it might work differently to the DF727 TCAS, but I'd be very surprised...)

    I'd like to have INS in my 727s but not so keen on the duplicate transponders on the console - yes, sorry, I'm being very pedantic... :-D

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    I've just tested this: I can confirm that the Dreamfleet 727's original TCAS works perfectly well online with Josť Oliviera's AIBridge and SB3. I sat on the ground at KLAX on VATSIM and saw other aircraft around me on the taxiways. The main advantage I can see of using the original TCAS is that you don't need to mess up the pedestal!

    You can get the latest version from Josť's website:

    If you use FSInn instead of SB3, he's made another program (on the same page) called GaugeBridge which apparently enables all his programs to work with FSInn.

    Coincidentally I used to work for a Portugese woman called Josť Oliviera but I don't think they're the same person...
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    can someone send me the following File:

    [email protected]

    thank u


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