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DF727 panel: ILH TCAS and Transponder for on line flights

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Below you will find the instructions how to add the excellent freeware IVSI embedded TCAS & Transponder by I.L. Hetherington (ILH) in the Dreamfleet 727-200 2D-VC (No 2D sideviews) panel.




This enables on line pilots flying with SB3 http://squawkbox.ca in http://vatsim.net network to maximize the realism of their flights. With this addition you will have an SB3 fully compatible transponder (Squawk Standby, Squawk mode C, Squawk Ident button, ATC presence flashing light etc.) with a TCAS that simulates the real TCAS to the fullest. With the DF provided TCAS & Transponder there is no (at present) compatibility for on line flights (MP traffic detection for TCAS as well as Squawk modes SB3 compatible transponder). An extra gauge by Jose Oliveira is also used in order to provide electrics source information to the ILH TCAS so that it shuts off when there is no power from the aircraft.


This addition is for the current version of the DF727 before an update is released. If there are changes in the future I will update these instructions.


I cannot send you the panel.cfg directly since the original file is not my work :P


Modification Instructions:


1. Download and install ILH's TCAS http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=ilh_tcas_v4.zip

The installation instructions will instruct you to move:

- TCAS2v7.ini & TCAS2v7.dll in FS2004 route folder

- TrafficInfo.DLL in MODULES folder

- ILH_TCAS.gau in GAUGES folder


2. Download and place [link:jcboliveira.flysplash.org/programs/ilhtcaschange.zip|ilhtcaschange.gau] by Jose Oliveira from his [link:jcboliveira.flysplash.org/|website] in the GAUGES folder.


3. Find the panel.cfg file you want to change and make a back up copy of it. It is in a subfolder of ...\FS2004\Aircraft\Flight One 727\. I modified the Panel.cfg in "Panel.10" folder since this is the one my favourite DF727-200 aliases to. Others may also be the same so the modification may be exactly the same. You can check the alias path if you open the panel.cfg of the 727 model you fly and check where it points to.


4. The following are the changes I made in the according {window numbers} of Panel.10. Simply find them in the DF provided panel.cfg and copy-paste the lines below over the original one.


Original lines are disabled by a ; and new lines I added have **stars** at the end in order to be identified easily in the future.



The { } in here stand for brackets in panel.cfg text file.


// Panel.cfg file created for Dreamfleet 727 "Classic" by Paul Golding:NO 2D VIEWS

// ILH TCAS modification by Kyprianos Biris, Nov.2005



gauge21=ILH_TCAS!IVSIb,570,581,100,100, pic:no

;gauge21=DF727NJ4!EVSI,582,591,79,80 **********************

(2 new lines...)






;gauge31=DF727NJ4!EVSI,626,593,79,80 **********************




;gauge18=DF727NJ4!EVSI,582,641,79,80 **********************




;gauge27=DF727NJ4!EVSI,627,641,79,80 **********************



;gauge02=DF727NJ1!AP,0,93 **********************

gauge02=ILH_TCAS!Transponder,0,94,163,70, pic:no




;gauge19=DF727NJ4!EVSI,299,210,60 **********************




;gauge20=DF727NJ4!EVSI,352,216,60 **********************




;gauge01=DF727NJ1!AP,0,84,261,78 **********************



5. Save the panel.cfg and you are ready !

Be carefull not to save it as .txt file.


Here you can browse some pictures of the outcome.



Keep in mind that due to panel space shortage and the fact that Dreamfleet do not have their transponder as a separate gauge the autopilot had to be replaced by the ILH Transponder at A) the 2D Radio minipanel and B) the VC pedestral console. You can still access the autopilot by the dedicated minipanel available.


If you feel like removing some of the above items and reenabling the original ones, simply A)delete the new line (above), B)remove the ; from the original one and C)save the panel.cfg again.




Kyprianos Biris

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>very good Job. But, is this only for SB3 or as well for IVAP

>and the IVAO Network?


>kind Regards



I wouldn't know Julio because I don't fly with IVAP :-). I do suggest you try the modification though, you have nothing to loose if on line flying TCAS display (as well as off line AI traffic) is what you're after. If IVAP drops data in the MSFS traffic tables then TrafficInfo.DLL (in MODULES folder) reads it and sends it over to ILS TCAS. That is why we put "trafficinfo:yes" in the logic gauge so that it bypasses the need for FSUIPC data.



My friend Sam Kalachoras sent me his version with the CIVA INS also included. As always, replace { } with brackets. I include only the changes from the default one.



// Panel.cfg file created for Dreamfleet 727 "Classic" by Paul Golding:NO 2D VIEWS

// MOD By Sam Kalachoras

// TCAS in 2D & VC

// INS 2D Shift 9

// Removed: MS GPS





gauge21=ILH_TCAS!IVSIb,570,580,103,103, blueplane:yes pic:no fontscale:1.1 other:45


gauge49=ILH_TCAS!Logic, 0, 0, 1, 1, trafficinfo:yes

gauge50=../Civa/Ins!Config, 0, 0, 0, 0, DF727P10L

gauge51=../Civa/Ins!NavModeDual, 800, 716, 45

gauge52=../Civa/Ins!UpdateFlags, 860, 716, 45




gauge31=ILH_TCAS!IVSIb,613,583,103,103, blueplane:yes pic:no fontscale:1.1 other:45




gauge18=ILH_TCAS!IVSI2b,570,630,103,103, blueplane:yes pic:no fontscale:1.1 other:45



//gauge27=DF727NJ4!EVSI,627,641 ,79,80

gauge27=ILH_TCAS!IVSI2b,613,630,103,103, blueplane:yes pic:no fontscale:1.1 other:45



gauge02=ILH_TCAS!Transponder, 295,130,172,72, pic:no

gauge03=../Civa/Ins!Msu1, 294, 207, 176, 49

gauge04=../Civa/Ins!Msu2, 294, 256, 176, 49











gauge00=../civa/ins!Cdu1, 0, 0, 200, 158

gauge01=../civa/ins!Cdu2, 200, 0, 200, 158














Kyprianos Biris


[link:hvacc.org|Hellenic vACC]



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>its works only in one View, right?



In Sam's configuration yes. If you check mine I have inserted it in all windows. You can combine anything you like. Basically you disable the original line and add the new one in whichever window you like. We simply provide you the gauge coordinates and sizes so that you save your time from doing it all over again.



Kyprianos Biris

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  • 2 weeks later...

>Very nice refit, i love it! :)


>One OT question tho, i tried installing the gauge in an other

>plane and was wondering how you got rid of the amber 767\757

>style frame around the TCAS so you could use the original 727








gauge21=ILH_TCAS!IVSIb, ...


It's the b in the above line.

The grey frame here is Dreamfleet's background bitmap.

The "b" ILH TCAS version has no frame (just black).


Check out ILH's documentation for all the strings available in the gauge config line. If you don't add the extra letter you get the PIC 767 type of frame.



Kyprianos Biris

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>Thanks! I must have missed that part :)


>Now let`s just hope it works on VATSIM with the FSinn client.



I do not know very well the technical parts of MP traffic information transfer but I'll give it a try (anyone correct me if I'm wrong!)


For ILH TCAS to display traffic you have 2 sources.

FSUIPC (registered) or Trafficinfo.DLL

You choose which one to use by the trafficinfo: string in the lines you see above.


I am not sure how FSInn works when it comes to MP traffic info. transfered for other sources apart from its own traffic radar.

I am afraid it does not send information to any of the two above.



Kyprianos Biris

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I tested it yesterday on FSinn and in trafficinfo mode it works fine.

I however did not manage to get it to work without it even with a registered version of FSUIPC. Anyway it works really well here now on not only the 727 but several other planes i have that had inop TCAS systems in FSinn before. This is an excellent thread!:D





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You don't need a registered FSUIPC for ILH TCAS. For FSINN to work with FSUIPC tables you still need AIBridge (BTW there is a new tested full working AIBridge in FSINN 1.1)


However the trafficinfo option works with all multiplayer clients. So that is the way to go.



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>2. Download and place


>by Jose Oliveira from his

>[link:jcboliveira.flysplash.org/|website] in the GAUGES



Where can i find this gauges? This Site from Jose is down.


kind regards


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>>2. Download and place


>>by Jose Oliveira from his

>>[link:jcboliveira.flysplash.org/|website] in the GAUGES



>Where can i find this gauges? This Site from Jose is down.


>kind regards



I assume its something temporary.

You can still go ahead and modify your Panel.CFG as described above.

Add the entries regarding Jose's gauge ilhtcaschange=, disable them with a ; or similar at the beginning and when Jose's site is back just enable them after droping the gauge in your gauges folder.


What Jose's gauge does is to keep the TCAS OFF when you have Electrics OFF (i.e. not being lit when cockpit is dark). You can still use the modifications above without it and enable it later.



Kyprianos Biris

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By the way, in case anyone was wondering, these modifications work with the new Super 27s, since the panels are pretty much the same layout. I have the IVSI/TCAS, dual CIVA INS, and a Reality XP Sandel ST3400 TAWS/RMI installed on my regular -200 panel and Super 27 -200 panel and all are very happy together. :)
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Also, FWIW, rather than putting Lee's transponder control gauge over the disabled autopilot bitmap in the pedestal, I left the pedestal as-is and put the transponder gauge on the overhead panel above the HF radio head. Works in both 2D and VC, and the original transponder control head can still be used to change squawk codes.


In Window 04 section add:


gauge02=ILH_TCAS!Transponder,294,133,174,75, pic:no


and in VCockpit05 section add:


gauge01=ILH_TCAS!Transponder,128,113,127,60, pic:no




Bob Scott

ATP IMEL Gulfstream II-III-IV-V L-300

Santiago de Chile

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  • 6 months later...

Just an update after some time of using it.


I found that by using ilhtcaschange.gau (feeding electrics info to TCAS gauge) if I do nothing with the aircraft while starting with cold & dark cockpit and leave the aircraft dead for a while, when I switch on engines & electrics the TCAS stays dead (black) and does not come alive even though DF727 electrics switch on.


Only solution is not to delay powering up of the aircraft.



Kyprianos Biris

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  • 1 year later...

Hmm, I thought I'd posted here yesterday...


Is it possible to use AIBridge to link online traffic to the Dreamfleet 727 transponder? It seems to work with a freeware gauge that's meant to simulate an F-16's radar - that is, I was flying on VATSIM with AIBridge running, and my aircraft used this gauge (as a weather radar!), and it was picking up the other VATSIM pilot's aircraft. I could click on their aircraft as they appeared on the radar and get their callsign and height.


(The F-16 gauge was designed to be a radar, not TCAS, so it might work differently to the DF727 TCAS, but I'd be very surprised...)


I'd like to have INS in my 727s but not so keen on the duplicate transponders on the console - yes, sorry, I'm being very pedantic... :-D

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I've just tested this: I can confirm that the Dreamfleet 727's original TCAS works perfectly well online with José Oliviera's AIBridge and SB3. I sat on the ground at KLAX on VATSIM and saw other aircraft around me on the taxiways. The main advantage I can see of using the original TCAS is that you don't need to mess up the pedestal!


You can get the latest version from José's website: http://jcboliveira.name/index.php?page=programs


If you use FSInn instead of SB3, he's made another program (on the same page) called GaugeBridge which apparently enables all his programs to work with FSInn.


Coincidentally I used to work for a Portugese woman called José Oliviera but I don't think they're the same person...

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