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  1. You are trying to force the simulator beyond its intended use, which is for home use. Maybe the PRO version would better satisfy your expectations. If you are a licensed pilot with over 500 hrs. you could try being a guide for virtual pilots but, in that case, I would strongly recommend MSFS.
  2. It will not allow you to load flight plans. It says that the one you are trying to load "was saved with a different version" but you saved it a couple of hours before with the same version you are using.
  3. XP doesn´t allow to load flight plans saved with the very same program´s version. Actually, a couple of hours before.
  4. Have you tried "spacedesk" in X-Plane? In MSFS that won´t work 'cause the popup doesn´t show the bezel.
  5. I would strongly recommend a 1 TB (min.) SSD as your C: drive and move all your non MSFS software to secondary drives. That will keep your mental sanity safe. MS Store is OK. Have in mind that MSFS occupies almost 150 GB of disk space as of today (sept2022)
  6. SoFly is anything BUT a manual. In my opinion it was money to the trashcan. Doesn´t contain any insider view of MSFS.
  7. There is no doubt it is going to be of great help for those who can use them. Unfortunately I am a Logitech user. It would be great for MFS users if MSFT could reveal the name and location of controllers profiles to be able to interchange them. Thks for your contribution.
  8. Likewise. Back to FSX. They should have separate pages, starting with the marketplace. Every update brings new issues and makes more complicate to start a single free flight. On the other hand, don´t fill us with third parties expensive developments. With a couple more airliners as part of the bundle it would be enough. How many pilots out there are certified in more than one or two different airplanes? Bst rgds
  9. It works equally fine with DX10, DX11 or even DX12 if your system so allows. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for your hints. For those of you who still can´t use MSFS. I suggest to disconnect from internet and start it as you always did . No update, perhaps many things won´t work but at least U can "fly". G´night.
  11. Hi. I'm having the sane problem, tried same solutions plus looking for any updates in the store but to no avail. Good luck.
  12. In real life, if you fly comercisl your call sign will always be the airline followed by de flight number (ie, United123) and in GA the callsign will be your tail number though you have to keep in mind that controller may shorten it if there is a traffic overload. It may happen more often with ATC than with Approach or Radar. Safe landings.
  13. I have de FS Deluxe Edition (2 DVDs) with a Quick reference and Insider information. First one containing even an illustration of the joystick and its functions, all of them enough to have you in full command in almost no time at all. But now, the commercial part "took over" and I promise never ever again buy a MS simulator, or plane or train or whatever. Regards.
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