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  1. So this is not just me. That does not fix the problem but at least, it's reassuring. I even tried to change my take-off runway (27C on the above image to a non-parallel runway that I placed on the extreme portside of the flightdeck. Then I renamed 27C tp 26 and I named the take-off runway 27. Next I used the ADE tool that enables crosswind-runways to work in FSX as shown below : - RWY 26/08 Heading 261.3, the landing runway, closed for take-offs, - RWT 26C/08C Headind 268.8,, the crosswind-runway, - EWY 27/09 Heading 270 , the take-off runway, closed for landings. In this case, runways 08 and 09 are completely closed for bothe landings and take-offs.8 But unfortunately, that didn't work either and I'm just guessing, until proven otherwise, that one crosswind runway only is not enough to make the ADE tool work. Now I'm just being curious : did you try to make it work and if so, what did you try ? Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not the oinly person facing this problem. Hopefully we'll get an answer.
  2. Thank you so much for answering mez so promptly. For your information, the software that I use to create/modify airports is Airport Design Editor (ADE). Next to your reply, I renamed both runways 27L and 27R. Sadly that did not change the issue and I really don't understand why the aircraft are not complying with the design of the airport. An aircraft should ,not land on a runway that is closed for landings, same with taking_off from a runway that is closed for take-offs. Anyway, thank you so much again for kindly trying to help me, that was most appreciated.Cordially Yours,Pierre-NC. Size
  3. Hello,I have an issue woth my take-offs and landings on an aircraft carrier. As you can see of the attached image (taken from Airport Design Editor), runway 27C is the take-off runway with all taxiways leading from the parkings to the hold-short node whereas runway 27 is the landinng runway with the taxiways leading from the hold-short node to the parkings.Thus I've declared runway 27C CLOSED for landings and runway 27 CLOSED for take-offs with Airport Design Editor. Ruinways 9 and 9C are closed for both take-offs and landings.Now what happens is that aicraft (from my home-made AI Traffic) take-off from runway 27 even though it is closed for take-offs and also, aircraft land on runway 27C even though it is closed for landings.Does anyone has any idea as to why this happens and is it possible to fix it ?Thank yopu so much for your kind cooperation and help.Cordially Yours,Pierre-NC.
  4. Hello. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but with Flight1 Software no longer available, I don't know where else to go so please forgive me. I've been using Airport Facilitator X (AFX) for decades with my FSX Steam Edition. This week, I had my PC upgraded with a new Nvidia graphics card for improvement and when I got the machine back, I ran AFX to make some modifications to an airport but it sent me an error message saying that my license was invalid and it closed the program..I had never got such an error message from AFX. So, I unisntalled it and reinstalled but no luck, the same message keeps showing and I can't use AFX anymore, which is a serious issue to me. Does anyone know how< to fix this problem or where should I go to ask ? Thank you so much for your kind cooperation and help. Cordially Yours, Pierre_NC.
  5. Your AI Sp%u00EEtfire is wonderful. I have a question, though : how do you paint the propeller ? I couldn't find it anywhere on the bmp files. Thank you so much for letting me know. Pierre_NC.
  6. Yes, I converted them with MDLC on Windows XP (MDLC doesn't work on Win 7 or 10) and imported the resulting BGL with ModelConverterX to get the FSX MDL file, which I then used for my sceneries. I do not have XP anymore so I can no longer do it, I'm on Win 10. How did you get yours in FSX ? You don't have the issue I have so I'm curious. Thank you for answering my thread. Pierre_NC.
  7. No, not confusing. All Usio No Ibuki Ships can be found here : http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=211 I got all mine, i.e. Yamato, Kongo, Nelson, Dunkerque, etc, and the carriers I needed from this site. My ships are installed as static sceneries on various locations. I have three Japanese fleets, 3 American fleets, one French fllet and one German fleet. Hope this helps.
  8. Hello, Just a question that crossed my mind : are we gonna able to land or take off AI aircraft from AI carriers on this next generation new simulator ? This has never been done yet. Thank you. Pierre_NC.
  9. Hello, I'm using the Usio No Ibuki ships to make my Scenery Aircraft Carrier Fleets where my AI Aircraft land and take off from. Those ships, once made into scenery, have an original feature : all their turrets, range-finders and some other stuff keep spinning round, the turrets horizontally and the guns vertically, which looks rather weird. Is there any way to fix this issue ? Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. Pierre_NC.
  10. Looking at various videos, I understood that MSFS 2020 provides Real World AI traffic. Does anyone know whether there will be a choice of replacing such AI Traffic with an AI Traffic of your choice, i.e. the 1970's AI Traffic for instance ? Thank you for your kind answer.
  11. Hey again Jockey, I actually use both angled runway and straight runway types since I use WW2 carriers such as IJN Akagi and modern carriers such as USS Forrestal. In all cases, my AI planes land on the stern wires. I do not use the bow cats for take off, that's because using cross-wind runways does not work on angled carriers, my guess is that's because the angle's not opened enough. No matter how hard I tried with the Airport Design Editor, it never worked anyway, so I use the same runway for both landing and take-off, meaning the AI planes start rolling from the stern to take-off. Now I must be totally honest with you and confess that I cheat : I scale all my scenery ships, carriers and their escort at 2, thus doubling their size. That is why your method -empty weight lowered and trust doubled- works so well, actually : all runways are long enough to handle take-offs and landings. And also, it's much better for me to park the planes as there is more space to do so with the Airport Design Editor. There is a bit of clipping sometimes when planes, depending on their wingspan, are taxiing but it's not bad and does not bother me. And I'm 100% happy with that. Inserting a few screen shots... By the way, don't mind my colors, they're all fictittious and so are the flight plans...
  12. Hey Jockey, All I can say is that your method works fine for me. Now my AI aircraft DO take off from and land on my scenery carriers properly. Thank you so much for you help. Pierre_NC.
  13. Would you know where to find the AI aircraft that are mentionned ? I'm very much interested to get the FIAT G91. Thank you very much. Pierre_NC.
  14. If possible, I would like to operate Military AI Traffic, either jets or props, from Scenery Aircraft Carriers on which I've designed the proper airports to receive such traffic. Unfortunately, the carrier runways are way too short to handle those aircraft landings and take-offs. Hence my question is : is there a way to to get those aircraft to land on and take-off properly from those carriers ? Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. Pierre_NC.
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