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  1. How do you take photos with backgrounds out of focus and how do you take pics in the hanger at different positions? Been looking but I don't know if this is an add on or something in MSFS. Thanks
  2. Get X-Plane, go to YouTube and learn how to import map sections with Ortho4XP (its so easy once you learn) and get the Zibo737 for free. You'll love it! MSFS2020 looks 32bit to me.
  3. I added G1000 GPS panels in Riviere's A220. Imported a fltpln from lilnavmap. Ran like clockwork from end to end. This is one of the best free aircraft I ever had. This runs better then some payware aircraft.
  4. Ha ha ha Yeah, that's what I'm waiting for. All the buttheads that have to post nothing is wrong with their fltsim its on YOUR end. What's funny now is all the other game companies have had their black friday sales but MSFS2020 didn't drop a cent.
  5. daspinall - sorry you are going through this. I gave the software back right away. What people fail to understand is that the 3D rendering software is a piece of crap. So the sim will never work right until a whole new version is released. For 2+ months tons of people have been posting on here what a piece of crap software this is and then you have these morons thread after thread telling people its their problem, not the software. I think after 2 months and many many post people would understand this piece of crap software will NEVER be updated to work. I love the part where people turn off their autopilots and the plane just tilts to one side with no control. Sure, an updated has been coming to fix that problem since its release. If you can, give it back. No patch is going to ever fix this software. It can't, the 3D rendering software can't handle it.
  6. For the short time I had MSFS2020 I noticed no FMC building at 30th St. But the thing that gets me is no antenna farm in Manayunk. Its in FSX but not in XPlane or MSFS2020. Pilots use the antennas as a land mark coming off PTW.
  7. You can get a cd key for windows 10 from http://www.g2deal.com for $18. I did it. It works fine. You can go to Microsoft and download a copy of Win10 to a thumb drive to install.
  8. I just wanted to update you guys that I'm continuing not to have any problems with MSFS2020 because I returned it 4 days after I got it. :p
  9. Kaptain + plainman - Here's your latest and greatest updated super duper flight sim. Planes are flying straight. Straight through wormholes. ha ha ha haaaah ha ha. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-glitch-flies-pilots-into-wormhole
  10. PMDG knows MSFS stinks and it will be maybe a year before it runs right.
  11. 787 was flying sideways at 45 degrees while flying straight and no control to correct. Plane taxis itself onto the runway (default AI setting that needed to be turned off. Who the hell knows to look for that in the first place) Not 35,000 real airports, all the terminals look like hotel buildings (not a big deal to me, I fly airlines on routes) But another lie. The best - turn off AP on approach and the plane just tilts to one side with no control to correct it then the plane crashes. I can't say I ever had the program crash but it would lock up for 5-7 seconds before continuing. Would start at the runway with the plane falling through the ground and unable to fix without a reboot of the game. Buttons that are needed for common flight are 'INOP' (don't ask which buttons, too many to list) Controllers were too sensitive but even turning them down really didn't help. Planes still fly like crap manually. Its a good bush pilot sim, not a flight sim.
  12. My point on this thread was to hear from other people who have had the same trouble and wanted to discuss it. Yes, SOME people are coming on here just to troll there is nothing wrong with MSFS2020 but I wanted to hear from the community from those who are having trouble. I'm hoping to keep it that way.
  13. Kapitan, I've been simming since '87 FS 3.0. Helped me get my instruments license. Flying with FSX for years I didn't think X Plane was worth and never wanted to touch it. But I wanted a 64bit sim. Now I'm not going to praise X Plane. It is basic and you have to add in scenery and stuff but it wasn't bad to get through. You got to remember this isn't MSFS. Its Abosos flight sim teaming up with MS. This rendering engine has nothing to do with MS and its crap. So I'm glad you're having a good time with it but a lot of people are getting sick of failure after failure after updates. So when people come on here to say they are having problems, they are looking for people with the same problems with MSFS. No one cares you aren't having trouble in this thread! Yea! Happy for you - go away.
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