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Blackbox3 (Data Recorder) Released


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File write capability using Logger has been added in Blackbox release 3. Using Blackbox3, real time values of up to several hundred Flight Simulator system variables (A, E, P) and L:Vars from any or all xml gauges in the panel can be recorded to file each update cycle. Blackbox3 also retains all of the screen output formats included in Blackbox release 2.


What Blackbox does:

BlackBox3 constructs an xml diagnostic gauge that can be used to display in readout form on the screen or write to HDD file the number or string values of user-selected A:, E:, or P: system variables, or any L:Var in the panel. It can display important parameters such as L: and A: variables, booleans, enums, etc., that are not usually displayed directly by the gauge you are building. As such, it is very useful for debugging xml gauge logic; you can see what all variables are doing in real time as MS Flight Simulator flies.


The BlackBox3 application can be used with either FS9 or FSX and requires installation of the Logger module which can be downloaded from the Blackbox website. Please follow the simple installation instructions for Logger as well as the Setup instructions for Blackbox3 which are included in the Help file for each product.


Blackbox3 and Logger were written by Robbie McElrath.


Blackbox3 can be freely downloaded here http://www.robbiemcelrath.com/blackbox/?blackbox and feedback is solicited and welcome.


Cheers, Bob

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