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FS Captain???


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Does anyone know if FSCaptain 1.07.01 will run on a XP machine? I had an older version of the demo and it ran fine a few years ago, but I stopped using it. I downloaded the current version (01.07.01) Saturday, removed the older version from my machine and started over.


One of the initial steps is to run a program called "FSCaptain Admin". When I attempt to do that, I am advised that "...Admin.exe is not a valid Win32 Application". There are two download versions for v1.07.01, one for FSX and another for FS9. I have properly downloaded the FS9 version. I can find no support option on the FSCaptain web site, and I find it odd that a program like this would be produced to the exclusion of the XP operating system.


The only reference I can find is as follows from the FSC web site...


"Question 1.2: Will FSCaptain run under Windows XP?

Answer: The FSCaptain Administrator EXE will not run under Windows XP. The Administrator and the FCOM/FCDU gauges will run inside the simulator. "


It would appear to me that they are saying that while the Admin program will not run as a stand-alone under XP, it can be run from inside FS9. But when I try to do that, I get a black screen and FS9 crashes to the desktop within a minute.


I remember enjoying this program and would like to find a way to re-explore it, can anyone offer any assistance, Please?

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Klee, have you been to the FS Captain forums? I have FS Captain for P3D but never had it for FS9. I did see some discussions in the forum related to your specific issue with XP.


I hope this link works. It will take you directly to the thread:



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