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Manchukuo Scenery - Under Development.


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Hi Good People,


Edward and I are getting back into scenery creation for the Ford Tri-Motor Project - this time we are moving up to China (Manchukuo region) circa 1930's


Lots of new 3D models being created and going like a one armed paper hanger building a bucket of new stuff.


Just to give you a snapshot of the models being developed so far check out the trucks in the below image:




The Starter Truck was the first one to be built - used a big shaft driven from the truck engine up through the shaft which was positioned by the small crane against the prop head and spun around. The other trucks were then created from the truck foundation - The Starter Truck is as genuine as possible to a real vehicle used - the others are logical derivatives but not known to actually exist - but a great cross section of trucks for the era.


Lots more to do before I even get to the AFCAD's etc - will keep you posted.




Garry and Edward

Your Ford Project Team.

Garry J. Smith (Texture Tinkerer)

Home Site http://www.gjsmith.net

Project Site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net

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garry im sorry i asked to take charge of the ford india scenery while you recover i didn't mean to make you mad i was only trying to help here is the thing i am a very impatient person i have autism and attention deficit disorder i am not as bad as you think the only reason i need it done fast is because i need the baghdad scenery because that was a stop charles kingsford smith made on his last flight i'm planning to recreate smithy's last flight in november just as soon as i take care of a little business aka school

btw smithy was his nickname

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