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Good 747 or 777 downloads for FSX Steam?


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Hello All,


Yesterday I went to download a 777 for my FSX Steam version. Before I pulled the trigger...they wanted 135 smackers for the simulation. It's not that I'm opposed to paying for things but I think I can do better than 135 bucks. Anyone have any ideas of where to go to get good working affordable new 747 downloads or better yet 777's or both? Also...is it possible to get more interactive airport downloads. Things like people walking off the plane...portable walkways that connect to the plane at the gate...Drug dealers getting busted at customs...etc.




Dave R

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CLS 747 is a nice option if you want a cheap plane with a half decent cockpit. Its not a LCD cockpit so its got some older gauges but it seems ok. I have the CLS 767 package with a similar cockpit style and I have grown to love it.


As for the 777 your outa luck just like me. The only decent one is the PMDG. All the others are either buggy or look horrible / fly horrible.

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