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How to setup a FSX Pilotable Ship?

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Go to cm airport near water. Press Y to enter slew mode. Then choose 'top down' view (F12 key).

Then move the ship left and right with the arrow keys.

Once left to start moving, once right to stop again. Twice left to move faster, twice right to stop.


You can also move it using the joystick in slew mode. Press Y and use joystick.


Press Y again to exit stew mode and sail.



you can also fly to the spot in the grunnan goose, land on the water, press alt, menu bar, click select aircraft, and load the boat.



or use the map. Load the boat somewhere. The open the map and type the coordinates of where you want to go.

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Can someone tell me how to setup in Flight Sim x Stream to have a FSX Pilotable boat in flight sim x Steam.

Thank you for helping me out on This.



Robert Birmingham


You simply spawn the ship, boat, or whatever, just like you do with planes at an airport. You can set the ship on top of a runway for that matter. Use the map to drag the ship, just like you do a plane. Instead of a high altitude though, you just type a number like +2 or +4 so the ship will settle into the water, scroll bearing/heading to whatever direction, and be sure you got a low velocity, 2kts ot 0 kts. That's it. Just like you do placing any vehicle in FSX; plane, boat, tank, parachute jumper, whatever.


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