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National Cargo Virtual ( Let Your Work Pay Off! ;-) )


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National Cargo Virtual: http://nationalcargova.com/v2 Has been successfully operating since February of 2012. As we grow we are seeking more qualified candidates to fly our "Dynamic Needs System" Cargo and Passengers.


They do not make you fly for hours in order to use a payware product you spent money on and wish to fly. They have repaints and a fleet that you can use from your very first flight.



Primary National Fleet:

Boeing 747-400F

Boeing 777-200LRF

Boeing 757-200M (Combi/Mixed) model (Actually Modeled and available at National for the QW/QualityWings 757-200)

(Coming Soon) - CRJ-700/900




Leased Fleet/Charter Fleet:






Twin Otter/Twotter

And other airframes as well!


Private Jet Charters:

Cessna Citation II

Hawker 850


They also do some pretty amazing events and have a "First of its Kind" Dynamic Needs System. What I mean is, they are contracted by the vUSAF on VATSIM and their system is setup where they literally rely on us to provide them support worldwide where they need it. We must supply them with cargo, weapons, troops, food, aircraft repair parts ECT... If we do not, their ACARS will not allow them to fly their aircraft if it is damaged and they do not have the repair supplies they need to do so (Kind of like FSPassengers) won’t let you fly without your aircraft being repaired when it is damaged. They also are not able to do missions without the proper equipment.


I personally have never seen that before, and I love it!


Also their events are amazing because they give away stuff that is incredible, like for this Operation that is starting tomorrow 10/12/2015 they will be giving away $100.00 to the pilot who completes the most flights.


They also allow Time Accel upto x8 but you will only get the actual time flown, so if you fly a 8 hour flight on x8 sim rate, you will only get 1 hour credit as that is really all you flew. You do not need to use time accel, it is just there to help the pilots who don't have a lot of time due to life, work or school. They are very understanding and will work with their pilots to help them with whatever they need help with.


If your interested, give them a look. If not there are plenty of VA's out there that can offer you what you are looking for. :-)


One more note is they also allow their pilots to fly anywhere in the world since they are a on demand cargo and passenger company. Their ACARS allows you to setup and start your own flight if it is not in the system.


Take Care!

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