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LVAR support for FSX and P3D


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I was at the forum you did at Air Venture in Oshkosh and was really interested in your software but have been holding out on purchasing Air Manager because of the lack of L:Var support. If it would be possible for me to beta test 2.1.1 with L:Vars I will purchase Air Manager immediately, please PM if possible.

Thank you,


System: AMD 1055T hexacore running at 3.8 on air, 16 GB Corsair RAM, Sapphire Radeon 6870, dedicated 256 GB Crucial SSD for FSX and P3D, 3 x 22" monitors using Eyefinity, Saitek yoke, throttles, and pedals
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Hello Joe,


Haha that's funny :) We had a blast at Oshkosh, you too?


We don't have a demo version at the moment, and also the new plugin has not been released yet. It will be with version 2.1.1, somewhere this year probably.


But we have a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, so that's also an option.

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