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Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Atlanta Scenery Problems


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Hi guys,


So this is kinda going to be a huge thread, but I need help with the following airports that are listed in the title. I'll be sure to name each problem with the airports.


1. Frankfurt


So the problem with Frankfurt, is that I downloaded the Freeware Frankfurt 2012 scenery and when I added it to the Addon Scenery folder for Fs2004, it never showed up in the game. I still have the previous scenery version downloaded, but I have no idea how to delete it so that this new scenery can work. The new scenery contains the new runway and terminal for the A380 and 747 aircraft.


2. Los Angeles


Ok so for this airport, I downloaded new scenery, it works perfectly! The problem is that all the old default LAX buildings are still in the scenery, so when you go to LAX, there are planes parked basically inside the default buildings, cause where the new parking and gates are for the new lax scenery, is where the old default buildings used to be. How do I delete the default buildings?


3. Tokyo (Narita)


Same problem with Los Angeles,aircraft parking spots parked inside default buildings, default airport scenery buildings need to be deleted.


4. Atlanta (KATL Hartsfield)


So the problem with this airport is that there are no paved taxiways with this new scenery (I downloaded the latest scenery for KATL from flightsim), also the new International terminal is not there. The default buildings are there, and so are the parking spots, but the parking sports for the new international terminal are parked inside default buildings for the old katl scenery. So basically I wanna know for this scenery, how to make the new international terminal appear?


I hope all of this makes sense, and that you guys can help me with this. :)

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1) Go to the Settings, Scenery Library. Scroll down to the OLD scenery folder, and click the Delete Area button. Then, click the Add Area button, navigate to the new Frankfurt folder you put in the Addon Scenery folder and Lclick on it. Click OK to get to the main Settings menu, close the game, then reopen it. The old one will be gone, the new one at the top of the Scenery Library listing.

IF you never used the ADD Area button to load the old one, did you just unzip the BGL files into the Addon Scenery\scenery folder? If so, you need to go into that folder, find ALL the BGL files you placed there and delete them, Add the new Frankfurt folder you placed as shown above, OK on out, close the game and restart it.


2,3) Nornally, the add-on sceneries are made to work WITH default scenery, not in spite of it. Often, however you also need to DL and install building libraries to prevent the problems you are experiencing. As a general rule, deleting default sceneries, much like default aircraft, can cause many other problems. Read through the Readme file with the new LAX scenery, and make sure you don't need a landclass, mesh, or add-on library to go with it.


4) Again, double check the new KATL for needed add-on libraries.


I may well be wrong, but I do know deleting default anything is generally a bad idea.



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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There are multiple AFCAD files for Frankfurt, Atlanta, and Tokyo. THere is only one for Los Angeles


You need to get rid of the old AFCAD files. Either delete the old scenery (after deleting form the scenery library), or if the old AFCAD files are in Addon Scenery/Scenery, then delete them from there.

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