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Before you started to take X-plane uploads, I used to think your search engine was the best library search facility. Now, I grow more frustrated with it very time I try to find a file.


Why is it that X-plane users have a "new files" search which, presumably, excludes all microsoft FS uploads, but, as a user of several microsoft FS products, I either have to search for new files separately for each FS or use the all-encompassing new file search trying to ignore the frequent X-plane uploads ? In other words, why can't I make use of a "all new flles across all microsoft simulators" search ?


Given the recent feature on Lawrie Roache, I tried to search for his files within the FSX sections of the library. To my surprise, the resulting list included many X-plane files which were conversions of Lawrie's work to that platform. Why is it that even searching within just FSX files, the results include files from another simulator ?

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If you search for Roache in the FSX:FSX Scenery section you get 66 returns, none of them are for X-Plane.


It is odd, and needs to be addressed that using the same terms except in the FSX:FSX-all files section returns 72 files, six of which are for X-Plane.



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