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Saitek radio issue

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Greetings all. This is my first post to this site.


I recently bought several panels from Saitek and they all work great, but I have one issue. I purchased 2 Saitek radio panels so I can use one panel for COM1 and NAV1, and the second panel for ADF and XPNDR. Im running it on both FSX:SE and Prepar3ed v2.4 professional. I have tried the latest drivers I downloaded from the Saitek website, as well as the plugins for SE and P3d. It sort of worked, but I had some problems with my switch panel not working all the time, so I decide to try the latest version of SPAD with FSUIPC (v This was much better, but I get one panel that can go thru all the modes and works great, but the other panel has only LEDs displayed, and I cannot make any mode changes or change any of the settings. Im running all my panels through a 7-port powered 3.0 USB hub which has not given me any troubles, and I don't think thats the problem. It's getting late in the day and my brain hurts from trying different solutions. I have seen people use more than one panel in their setups before, so what am I missing?

Intel i7 4770K @ 3.50Ghz, Windows 7 ultimate 64, 16GB @ 2000MHz, 3 x Geforce 770 w/2gb DDR5 ram, 4TB HDD.
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