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FSX Crash Problem


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Hello! I had a problem with my FSX:SE. When i join a server with around 20-50 players my fsx instantly crashes. It is when i loaded and when i look around.


PC Specs:

OS: Win 10

CPU: I5 3350P

Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 2GB

Hard Drive: 1TB




Srry for my bad english, 12 year old and from sweden!



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Check that you have the latest video drivers for your card. Windows 10 is still fairly new, and the drivers may not be updated yet. I had the similar issues, and discovered that my drivers, even thought they were made for windows 10, still caused some problems. I rolled back to Windows 7 because I knew the drivers were stable. Also, maybe you have the settings to high for what your system can handle. Start with the lowest settings and frame rates, and work up from there. Its a long tedious process, but even with the nicest systems, there is no need to max out your video card.
Intel i7 4770K @ 3.50Ghz, Windows 7 ultimate 64, 16GB @ 2000MHz, 3 x Geforce 770 w/2gb DDR5 ram, 4TB HDD.
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