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Invisible AI


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I have run into a problem lately with my ai traffic. I use VoxAtc and World of Ai traffic. They normally work fine together, but I recently reinstalled VoxAtc. This caused some models to spawn and other to be invisible. I can only tell there is a plane there because of the lights on the wings. When I listen to the controllers with VoxAtc, I can hear the aircrafts' callsigns, but the planes aren't there. I tried to reinstall the ai traffic, but that didn't work.


How can I fix this?



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Thanks a lot! That worked! I do have another question though. Not all of the gates at JFK are occupied. There are still about 15 to 20 unoccupied gates. That's realistic at smaller airports, but JFK is constantly crowded. I don't remember if it used to be like this before the traffic became invisible. Also, I think that the gates are empty, not full of invisible planes because that was fixed. The VoxAtc traffic setting is on 100% density. Is there still another problem or is that normal?
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