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X4IN - Ince Blundell Airfield UK 1.0

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X4IN - Ince Blundell Airfield UK 1.0



Welcome to my part of the World, the great North West of England.


The village of Ince Blundell (Ince Being Derived From The Saxon Meaning 'Island In The Marsh') is situated in the Borough of Sefton in Merseyside but was originally in Lancashire. In the 14th Century, John Blundell a wealthy Landowner added his name to Ince to make it what it is today.


Conveniently situated 16 miles North West of Liverpool Airport & 34 miles North West of Manchester Airport, this pretty little Airport is home to the WLMS, West Lancashire Microlight School where all aspects of Microlight training & Certification are carried out.


We Have....


The main site of Ince Blundell Airfield

An Animated Mowing Tractor

The local countryside with Horses, Cows & Sheep

3D People courtesy of the Genius David Marshall

Three Runways to choose from


Please proceed with caution on the threshold of Runway 25 as the grass is getting a bit too long & our animated Mowing Tractor is in operation.


Made in Overlay Editor using Bing Overlaid Images. Please note that due to the scenery library object limitations, this scenery is, in theory, fictitious. Custom Objects made in SketchUp 2015 & converted for X-Plane using Marginal's SketchUp2XPlane conversion utility.


This scenery was crafted with care, so please download, leave a comment & enjoy your time at X4IN

Ince Blundell.


Regards Paul.


Scenery link:




X4IN 1.jpg


X4IN 2.jpg


X4IN 3.jpg


X4IN 4.jpg


X4IN 5.jpg


X4IN 6.jpg


X4IN 7.jpg


X4IN 8.jpg


X4IN 9.jpg


X4IN 10.jpg


X4IN 11.jpg


X4IN 12.jpg

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