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Graphics Card upgrade issues


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Hello all.

I have recently purchased a new Nvidia GeForce GT740 - 2GB graphics card which does not seem to be compatible with FS2004 (Not recognized error message comes up) I'm running Windows 7.


Has any one else had a similar issue?


Is there somewhere where I may find a software patch or change something within the FS2004 program?


Thanks for reading my Post.





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Try this trick:


Find FS9.cfg. In Win XP mine is at "C:\Documents and Settings\Ron Ginsberg\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\FS9.CFG" Rename it FS9.txt.


Start FS9 and it will build a new FS9.cfg. Close FS9.


Start notepad and open FS9.cfg. Start it again and open FS9.txt Compare the display section in FS9.cfg (new) with that in FS9.txt (old). In FS9.txt see if you have two display sections one each for your old and new card. You should only have one.


If you do have the new one in FS9.cfg but either have two sections or the incorrect one in FS9.txt the for two section in FS9. txt cut out the incorrect one or if only one incorrect section copy the display section from FS9.cfg over the one old display section in FS9.txt and save. Rename FS9.cfg to FS9.new of FS9.txt back to FS9.cfg.


The idea is to replace the incorrect display section with the newly created one but keep all of your other settings in FS9.cfg.


Start FS9 again and see if your card is now recognized.

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