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Radion HD8570D + R7 240 Dual Graphics question.

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My new PC (year old now)

Came with two graphics thingies.

The R7 240 is i think the actual Gcard. (Entry level I believe but runs fs9 wonderfully well)

But could someone explain the HD 8570D bit.

I do know that in video settings I have to select both these options to run together for Fs9 to function correctly.

Would this dual graphics thingy cause a problem if I wanted to upgrade my Gcard.



My new PC came with only a 180 watt PSU

My question are today's PCs more power efficient than say a PC from the early 2000s

I only ask because my first PC (around year 2000) came with a 250 watt PSU ,and even that was considered low powered at the time.

One reason I ask is because if I'm tempted to upgrade my Gcard how would this 180 PSU manage.

I am not talking about buying a powerhouse stonking Gcard but perhaps a modest upgrade.

Would the PSU cope?

I have to say in its present configuration my PC shows no sign of being underpowered; it runs exceptionally well.

My question is more curiosity than anything else as sim runs so well anyway.


Cheers Andy

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