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Possible to rename file folder in FSX - Aircraft Folder?


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Hi all,


Just wondering will be any consequences should we rename the File Folder of Aircraft Folder's name? or any other Folders for that matter? So that maybe it can be named as preferred by users.


Thanks in advance.:pilot:

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You need to keep the default folder structure and names intact, as with any software.


The exceptions are:

You can change any names of aircraft main folders inside \SimObjects\Airplanes\ (and \rotorcraft\ etc)


You can set up a completely new folder inside \SimObjects\ for example \WOAI\ and put aircraft in there, but you need to tell FSX about it in the fsx.cfg (SimObjectPaths)


If you absolutely have to, you can for example rename \Effects\ to \Fubar\ but then you have to implement a symlink called "Effects" pointing to \Fubar\. FSX has no way of knowing that \Fubar\ contains the effect files now.

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The folder names of 'sim objects' in use is LISTED in the FSX.cfg. If you just change the airplanes folder name but not the entry in the cfg then the sim wouldn't work. You can add locations for aircraft.... I have separate folders for user addon aircraft and for AI aircraft.


If you want to add folders to indicate individual aircraft types, just be sure to add them to the list in the fsx.cfg file. They can even be on a different drive if you so choose.



User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter











I'd leave the default scenery names alone, but you can name new scenery anything you want... you have to add it to the library and name it anyway.


hope this answers your question.



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

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If you mean the folder of one aircraft, yes, you can.


One issue.


you download a aircraft, free addon, b737.

It does not have it's own panel.

Instead, in the panel folder is a panel.cfg file only, that only contains:




When loading the aircraft tries to use the panel in the b737_800 folder.

If you renamed the b737_800 folder...

Well, it won't work, the new addon won't show a panel. (it will show if you correct the line in the .cfg)


Same often with sound.cfg



what I sometimes do if I want to edit a aircraft heavily.

I make a copy of the aircraft folder, on the desktop.


I CHANge the:

*folder name

*in the aircraft.cfg, for every variation (fltsim00] [fltsim01] etc ):

-the title= line

-the ui_type= line


For example the b737-800:

post full, will write more.

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My new b737 folder name:



First title=, added a bit:

title=Boeing 737-800 Paint1-47vc


ui_type, to see the difference in the select aircraft screen:

ui_type="737-800 47vc"


then I put the newly named folder back in ../simobjects/airplanes/


now the original 737 is still there, all addons can use it.


With "my" 737_800_47VC I can do whatever I want.

(I put the VC of the 747 in it.)



remember to do the renaming of especially title= for EVERY livery in the aircraft.cfg file.

If you forget, fsx will give a message about duplicates.

No biggee, and easy to fix. But still.



Done right, you will see both aircraft, "737_800" and "737-800 47vc", in the aircraft selection screen.


the default 737,

if you want it there for the other planes, and traffic flightplans, but not in the selection screen. Change it's panel= line to a non-existant panel folder.

For example:






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The aircraft folder name you can change to ANYTHING you want and it won't matter. You can change ''Delta Douglas DC3' to '15Aug31_Ver1.0_DC3 Douglas_My 1960s Paint''. It's what is after 'title=' in aircraft.cfg that counts. This has to be a UNIQUE name, that is all.


And perhaps you will want to edit these lines in (FlightSim.x) section(s): 'ui_manufaturer=Douglas', 'ui_type=DC3', 'ui_variation= Delta 1960 My Paint'). This latter edits will determine where it 'shows' in select aircraft menu (going by alphabetic order).


Of course you can't do this (or shouldn't) with any of the DEFAULT aircraft by you WOULD have to do edits to any 'Copy Of..' operation (remember, 'title=xxx' has to be UNIQUE and no duplicate/same name will work. Don't be afraid to try stuff. It won't break your sim. Making copies FIRST is cheap insurance.

Chuck B

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For now, I just edited the 'ui_manufacturer' & ui_createdby' lines in the aircraft.cfg under [flightsim] section. I get to select which aircraft goes to which place of my choice. That will goes to the dropdown menu selection in main FSX aircraft menu. At least it gets clearer after the filter.


As for the main folder,

Don't be afraid to try stuff. It won't break your sim. Making copies FIRST is cheap insurance.
. :rolleyes: I'll see what I am going do about this ;) Appreciate your advise.


Thanks again to all of you guys

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