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Has anyone used Alf's UK Scenery?


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I downloaded a few, one I had a problem with I ended up deleting it (EGHT).


A couple of others I found the ai aircraft landed OK but once they got to the hold short to takeoff again they just sat there, I ended up modifying the AFCAD on them, also when I ran the fault finder it found other faults.

If the rest are like this I won't bother with them, shame because the scenery itself is very good.

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I haven't got the scenery but just googled 'Alf's UK Scenery' and the site came up.

I don't know if it's Win 7 or Win 8.

He says this below-

"There may be some slight problems. I find it works OK without OR with FSX SP2 running under Vista but running under Windows XP and no SP2 a few objects dont appear and a few trees that should be excluded appear. However under XP I'm using lower graphics settings and a less powerful PC."


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Thanks, I'm on Win 7 and I have SP2.

The reason I downloaded was he has some GA airfields, it makes a difference to go from A to B and be ables to take off and land without getting in to a queue, in other wrods staying clear of the larger airports.

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