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New VA start up


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Press Release,


After interviewing the CEO of MAG at Manchester international airport he had these words to say " he at Manchester we have had permission to grow this year and going forward hoping to get a couple of new airlines in and out of Manchester, I would like to see some more real world Airlines at the airport with many frequent pilots. I have the go ahead for a new pilot terminal for resting pilots and a large cargo division as well as passenger.


This were the words of the CEO of MAG Group so there after a new virtual airline to expand from Manchester they would have to UK based and with good staff.


Talking to a retired CEO of Etihad Virtual he would like to say these kind words.


" it's good to see EGCC making growth and would be good for a airline to start here at Manchester"


That's good bye for now


Press release.

The Airline Times

Michael Poole

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