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FSX Tweak help


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Hi I'm new to these forums but I need help with tweaking my fsx. Basically I'd like a smooth 30fps with great graphics (like everyone would) but right now I'm getting less than that. I'd really appreciate any tips on tweaking either the fsx.cfg file or any other settings to get the best performance from my FSX.


In case you're wondering my specs are


ADM FX-8320 8-Core Processor 3.50GHz

ADM Radeon HD 7800 Series


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One of the biggest framerate killers is the Autogen density slider, so be careful not to slide it too far to the right, or your PC will start to shake rattle and roll.

Basically the slider adds trees, radio masts, water towers, pylons and all sorts of fiddly bits like that, and will gobble up your processing power as fast as a Klingon tucking into a plate of juicy gagh..



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Three biggest performance killers for FSX are


1.) Bloom - Can knock frame rates down by as much as 25 fps

2.) Ground Scenery Shadows - Can hit fps by 10-30 depending on autogen levels

3.) Water Effects - Can easily half your frame rate regarless of what you get normally.


Autogen is not as big a hit as those three. I actually have mines at extremely dense for both complexity and density and still get decent frame rates (30+).


So I have bloom off, no ground shadows, and water at 2xlow. Still manage to pull over 30 fps in dense airports, with a crapload of OrbX scenery and addons.

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Autogen and light bloom are not big killers for me, but water effects and ground shadows hit my fps. I get 25 to 35 fps at the big airports like DFW and LAX, but on the ground in New Zealand where I do most of my flying get a steady 60fps at the main airports I have road traffic down low and sea traffic medium. Don't ever pay a lot of attention to them so why have them. I run a lot of payware as well.
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