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Installing PRE-Flight Addon Aircraft


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Installing addon aircraft is a manual process but a simple one. Here's what to do, assuming that you've done a standard installation ...


1 - Go to the author's website, accessible via the Help menu item.


2 - On the left side, scroll down to "Model, Scenery and Other Downloads".


3 - Download the zip file of interest.


4 - Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Transcendental Technologies\PRE-FlightSEJ\models


5 - At that location create a folder, giving it the same name as the downloaded file, minus the zip extension.


6 - Copy the downloaded zip file to the new folder.


7 - Do an "extract to here".


8 - Click on the "model" menu item and then click on "load".


9 - Open the folder you just created by double-clicking on its name.


10 - Select the .3dm for the downloaded model. This will add that model to the list of models available under the "model" menu item.


This sounds complicated but, trust me, it's really not, and after you do it once you'll remember the procedure.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]Digital abstract art copyright 2010 Mike McCarthy, all rights reserved.
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