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Switching on AI Plane's Lights


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I don't do much flying at night and I just noticed that when you put your panel lights (Shift+L) on, it also turns on the panel lights of AI aircrafts. It may not work for all versions of FSX. My FSX is the gold edition.


Before Shift+L:



After Shift+L:


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Thanks,nice find,never used before. :D



Just tested,it don't working by me,only the cockpit panel going on. :rolleyes:

I have WoAI and FSX AI Bureau

FSX gold and DX10.



EHAM base RWY 06

Some airplanes : Fokker70

Intel i7-4771 3.90 Ghz - Asus Z87-A - Asus GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 - Memory 8 GB - Windows 7 64 - Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120 GB / 250GB - Samsung HD 1TB / 160 GB

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