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Nvidia Surround w/3 1080p Monitors 'stretches' Outside Monitors- Thoughts?


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Hello- I've searched the forums, but can't find a resolution. Was one ever found?


Problem: When I use 3 1080p monitors in Nvidia's Surround mode, the left and right monitor (not the center) stretches the graphics.



FSX/Acceleration on an i5 @4.4Ghz, 16GB ram, Windows 7, Nvidia GTX960 4GB, Samsung SSD with REX and ORBX FTX- This machine is only used for Flight Sims


I set the fsx.cfg file wide=true.


Other than the stretching, it works fine.


Any thoughts or is this 'normal' and something I just live with.



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Unfortunately this is normal. Microsoft obviously figured that you would only be looking at the center of the screen, so this stretching would actually be accurate on and corrected by your peripheral vision.


If you have TrackIR (and possibly EZDOK), then you can set the zoom factor to 1.00 or above, this reduces the stretching effect. And as you turn your head, the part in front of your eyes is always sharp, whereas the stretched parts always remain at the peripheral vision. But you have to turn your head a lot of course, as everything is almost as big than in real life. I like this setup as I can actually read the dials like that, but it certainly is not for everyone.


Some people have played around with minimum zoom and wideview off, but that does not work for me. And there are some software experiments to correct this, last seen on the P3D forums at AVSIM.

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