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VC Merge (PMDG or Captain Sim 777)


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Hey guys, I'm looking for guidance on how to do a full cockpit merge with either the PMDG 777 or CS 777 cockpits. I own both of these aircraft and I am looking to put them onto other aircraft, like TDS 787 and others. Please if you know anything about this let me know!:)


Also, no need to ask why I want to do it, it's just something I want to do. ;)




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..and it still does not work like that, as was explained in your other thread about this matter. The VC is an integral part of the airplane model, it cannot be handled separately.


All you can do is to add the "other plane" to one of the payware models as a "livery" (see the other thread how this works). But the plane's characteristics, FDE and the systems will always be the 777, no matter how you make the thing look from the outside. And most outside animations won't work (like gear etc).

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