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Problems with Just-Released Captain Sim '727 Captain' Update 2.6


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Captain Sim has just released update version 2.6 of their "727 Captain" product. The release notes claim many fixes and/or improvements, including fixing the unusable autopilot and inaccurate 1000-feet-off altimeter indication, plus improved flight dynamics and realistic pitch trim authority. Good news indeed, and after my years-long hiatus from this product due to the long-standing "fatal" issues, I couldn't wait to fly it!


I installed all 3 files (727-100, 727-200 and 727 Freighters), used the excellent Captain Sim ACE utility to load the airplane to within 200 pounds of max gross weight, created an IFR plan from KJAX to KATL, selected my Delta Airlines livery and went flying. I was really looking forward to spending some quality time in this iconic 3-holer.


That's the end of the good news, I'm afraid. I experienced the following problems:


1. The #2 (center) engine exhaust cover was visibly installed, dangling red "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" banner and all, even though all 3 engines were running, and even making smoke at full throttle. Using the CS Animation controls to uninstall it had no effect- the engine just absurdly blows black exhaust straight through the bright yellow cover. :mad:


2. The flap indicator gauges do not move from zero (fully retracted) indication even with 30 degrees of flap extended and visible in exterior views. :(


3. The only lights that work, using either the overhead panel switches or FSX lighting hotkeys such as L (all lights) and O (strobes), are the landing lights. Specifically inoperable are Nav, Beacon, Taxi and Strobe lights. This one is especially mind-blowing since light switches are not as difficult as, say, flap gauges- light switches have only two possible states, ON and OFF. Also, because the Nav/Bcn/Strobe/Taxi lights in this airplane are baked into the model and not visible in aircraft.cfg, I can't tweak them. I spent a few minutes adding Shockwave lights to the 200 to see if that would fix the lights, but it didn't, other than greatly improving the look of the landing lights- the problem is clearly in the non-functional switches and hotkeys. :mad: :mad:


4. Even though the release notes mentioned fixing the heading bug setting via mouse wheel, the heading bug is only settable in 10-degree increments no matter which method I tried (mouse wheel or left/right clicking the knob). I was assigned Rwy 7 for takeoff at KJAX, but I was not able to set the heading bug to 070- only to 065 or 075. :confused: :mad:


Since my sim is set to use actual local times at the various airports, it was dark outside as I tried to taxi to Rwy 7 a few minutes ago. The fact that I could neither turn on lights nor set the heading bug correctly for departure just drained every ounce of fun from my nascent flight before I even reached the runway, and I just hit escape and closed the sim. Therefore, I have no idea if CS has or has not fixed the 10-year-old autopilot and/or altimeter issues or improved the overall flight dynamics as they claim. It just doesn't matter how well or poorly it might fly when you can't even turn the $#%%^&%&** lights on or set basic systems like the heading bug!


I have just searched the Captain Sim Support Knowledge Base without success (they are apparently unaware that they have just released an update :rolleyes: ) and then submitted a trouble ticket on the CS Support system, but confidence is not high- their ticket generator doesn't even show the latest version of their product (2.6) and the autopilot and altimeter issues have been around since 2005... so even though a non-CS simmer fixed both problems years ago and offered his fixes free of charge to Captain Sim, it still took them ten years to actually fix them... and when they finally do address them, they don't even bother to update their own internal systems (trouble ticket generator webform version-select dropdown) to reflect the current version of their product!


I would be interested to hear from others who have tried this update- are you experiencing the same issues or am I just not holding my mouth right? Maybe the overhead panel switches are a ruse, and the real Nav/Beacon/Strobe/Taxi light switches have been moved into the loo... :p

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That's really unfortunate to hear, but thanks for posting, you saved me from going through this. What exactly is the issue with the autopilot you speak of? I've not flown a lot in the 727, but when I have it seems continually turn when tracking a VOR, it can never fly straight, is that the one?


I think the issue with the engine cover is not something unique to the 727, occasionally the pitot tube covers on the CS 767 will appear for no reason and then I won't be able to get them off using the animation panel. Hopefully CS's upcoming all new release, won't have these kinds of bugs.




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Gauges which move in 10 degree increments is usually due to one or more defective gauges. If you have installed any gauges to this plane's panel which is not in the original distribution, try temporarily commenting it/them out.



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I'm having problems with new update. No fly flat. Stops for seconds at intervals during de flight. I tryed a uninstall and re-install.
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