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Air Manager roadmap


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This is the roadmap for Air Manager. It's a roadmap, so things can change along the way, but this is generally it. We will post updates when something changes.



- Communication / timer bugfix in 2.1.0

- DATA data type to BYTE and STRING type

- GPS/Navigation API functions (query from name or lat/long)


iPad 2.1 release



- OpenGL rendering implementation

- LVAR’s and offsets for FSX / P3D

- Demo version available with time limit

- Image crop API function

- Slider input


iPad 2.2 release



- Automatic connection to flightsim plugin (no IP-address setting required anymore)

- Language setting

- Instrument properties / settings (like engine number, radio number, etc…)


iPad 2.3 release



- GPS navigation with flightplan import (.fms, .pln., .rte …)

- Animations

- Filters (lighting effect, blur effect, backlight dimming effect, etc…)


iPad 3.0 release

Android 3.0 release



- DCS World 2 support (depends on DCS development progress)

- Hardware support with Teensyboard and Arduino


iPad 3.1 release

Android 3.1 release

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