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REX Essential Problems

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I recently got the REX Essential Addon for FSX, and its been working fairly well. However, I can't seem to load any custom weather into fsx from rex no matter what I do. REX always loads real life weather in fsx, and does not load any of the random weather themes selected in the menu.


After looking around in the error logs, it seems to be outputting several logs every time I attempt to load the random weather themes:


Class Location: ucWeatherCustom.loadTheme

Error: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''G:\REX Essential+Overdrive\Data\Themes\WINTER_THEME_SVR02.bmp')'.




Class Location: SystemCustomWx.buildCustomMetar

Error: Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: path



I have no clue on how to solve either of these issues and cannot seem to find any similar issue on the other forums. Hopefully someone here can give a few pointers


Note: This is a repost, I posted the original thread in the wrong forum

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