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VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' - Giant Twins package release.

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VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 - Giant Twins Package.

Highly accurate and professionally tuned radio-controlled model airplanes add-on simulation for X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator.


This 'Giant Twins' Package contains these 3 items:

de Havilland DH.88 (X-Plane 10.31+)

Lockheed P-38 Lightning (X-Plane 10.36+)

VSKYLABS 'RC-City' flying site (X-Plane 10.31+)


The DH.88 and the P-38 are Giant-Scale RC models,

but can be flown from the cockpit's view as full-scale airplanes,

with flight performance similar to some micro-light airplanes.



'Scratch Built RC Legends' flying Airfield - 'RC-CITY':

The project involves an interactive ('everything you see can damage your plane') R/C airfield, equipped with take-off ramps, pylon poles, obstacles etc. View point of the R/C pilot is set-up to the right spot, ready for action.


The flying field is perfectly tailored to R/C operations and training.

The objects in the environment are physically existing, so the airplane can collide and interact with them (antenna's, cars, ski-jump ramps, pylons, fences etc.). The objects are also arranged carefully in the flying area so it may give the R/C pilot clues about depth perception for training, since there is no real depth perception in simple 2D monitors. Pilot position is well thought of and placed at the right spot and elevation.


You can find a lot of information about this project, it's design, working process and it's future models by visiting:



P38 FPV 800 5.pngVSKYLABS SCRATCH BUILT RC LEGENDS 800.pngdh88 poset 800 size.png

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