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AKHC Healey Cove, Kalgin Island Alaska

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AKHC Healey Cove, Kalgin Island Alaska 1.0



Joel Johnson -bc-



NOTE: The addition of a decent gravel strip and helicopter pad (as well as float dock) at this location is a fantasy inclusion to allow for enhanced sim operations in and out of this location. As it stands right now, only float ops occur on the internal lake and there lacks any registered SPB. Tourist facilities, new homes on the University of Alaska lands and the old original wooden buildings are replicated somewhat.


Welcome to Kalgin Island - Past home of the Kenaïtze People's main seal hunt in the 15th to 20th century.


Kalgin Island is an island in Cook Inlet of the Gulf of Alaska, 20 miles (30 km.) southwest of the city of Kenai, Alaska, United States. It is part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough and has a land area of 58.722 km² (22.673 sq mi). The southern quarter of the island, consisting of almost pure marsh, is a critical habitat area for sea birds and harbour seals mainly, although a diverse population of other winged and land mammals are present.


The island is home to a tourist facility and has recently been attracting residents who wish to live in this rather remote location in the middle of the Cook Inlet. Tourists enjoy Moose, Duck & Geese Hunting as well as Sockeye & Silver Salmon, Char, Rainbow Trout and Halibut fishing. The salmon spawn in a couple of the streams leading from Packers Creek Lake as well as Swamp Creek. As far as homes, the University of Alaska has subdivided a good chunk of their holdings around Packers and some houses have been built.


The waters run rough and deep and the tides are near-merciless, especially to the east of the island. Imagine the natives pushing out with their hand-hewn boats from the Kenai Peninsula and crossing over 10 miles (16 km.) of this water to harvest the seals, a staple for them as well as having the fur for trading first with other tribes, then with the Russians, then with the British and finally with the Americans.




Developed land and float facilities for Day and Night VFR operations.

2,000 foot (610 meter) x 50 foot (15 m.) gravel runway in very good repair.

Docking (and Ramp Start) for float planes.

Small, rustic tourist facilities on the coast as well as inland.

Passable gravel road to all facilities for land traffic.

Charts, Maps & Eula with credits in the Documents Folder.


Map of the Area




Scenery Screenshots












Download the X-Plane 10 version here:




Download the X-Plane 9 version here:




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Joel Johnson -bc-


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