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hlp: Unable to start EG Citation X. Incompatibility?


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Reaching out for help on starting up the Eaglesoft Citation X v2, on FS9, from Cold and Dark mode.


The manual, and all guides I've found, says 'start with enabling either the BAT 1 & 2 switches, or the STBY PWR'. But none of those controls respond.

When I flick the switches upwards, they bounce right back down. The BUS1 or 2 indicator, or the green light of the STBY PWR quickly flashes on, then off right away. Tried everything I know of by know. No success.


Is there perhaps some edit or modification needed with FS9? The version I have surely is for FS9, not FSX.

If it matters, my FSUIPC is registered.


thanks for any input


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