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Having trouble when taxing via VC


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Hello everyone I've been away from Flight Simulator for quite some time now as I previously lost my flight simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X Installs.


It's been 5 months maybe 6 since I haven't flown but 2 weeks ago I started rebuilding My flight simulator`s. Anyhow I am now running an Intel Core 2 quad 8 gigs of ram and I have now A GTX 970 with 4 gigs Of Ram.


My problem is no longer stutters Or poor frame rates .......my problem is small hitches while I'm in VC and taxing with AI traffic on.


I'm running 40 frames per second locked at 41 I have also locked it at 31 and get a steady 30 no drops whatsoever


Again...the problem I am encountering only happens every few seconds then it's extremely smooth ,and only happens when AI Traffic is on.


So I would assume it has something to do with AI I am currently using world of AI or for short WOA (DXT3) 1024X1024 16Bit.


I have searched the textures for missing alphas And have fixed them all so alpha channels are no longer a problem.


When the slight hitch occurs The top menu of my flight simulator slightly flashes any ideas thanks in advance.


I have used DXT3fixer to fix the majority of missing Alphas and DXT3Bmp to add the ones DXT3fixer missed manually.


the problem also occurs every now and then while flying in VC mode but not as frequent.


I found the missing Alphas with AlphaSearcher


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Intel i7 2600 16GB RAM 4GB Nvidia GTX970....... Sim Platform FS2004-FSX
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It would be nice to share how the problem was fixed, as I'm sure, there are others that could have similar issues.


My apologies for the delayed reply, The solution for me was pretty simple, thanks to Wingz over at the Avsim Forums he had mentioned this really great utility (ACA2005) witch helped me with quite a few things.


ACA2005 is a utility that will scan the entire FS2004 Aircraft folder to see if there are any errors within the Aircraft.cfg Entries such as Duplicate titles,Missing Model, AI aircraft's not registered to Traffic BGL's and vise versa. and so much more.


With this utility i was able to narrow down my problem as missing AI texture from one of the WOA AI aircraft i simply removed the Aircraft and its Traffic.bgl and the problem went away.


Here is the link to ACA2005 in case anyone needs it Cheers:cool::pilot: http://aifs2.pvdveen.net/?page_id=5 the one to look for is ACA2005 v1.6.6


Alternatively you could also use this link for a direct download http://aifs2.pvdveen.net/?download=ACA2005

Intel i7 2600 16GB RAM 4GB Nvidia GTX970....... Sim Platform FS2004-FSX
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