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Captain Sim C-130 Error 11 issue


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Greetings all. When I changed OSs from WXP to W7 I wound up having issues with some of the aircraft that were in FS9 in the XP system. After getting FS9 reinstalled in W7 I had problems with Captain Sim's C-130 causing a CTD in FS9 when it was selected to fly. I uninstalled the aircraft, visited the CS site and got a fresh download of all the C-130 installs I had. When trying to reinstall the entire collection, beginning with the basic C-130 pack, I receive an "Error 11" message saying I have to contact CS for support. It's an exercise in frustration, all right.


I've also done some digging on the CS and FlightSim store website and have discovered the Error 11 message is due to the way CS allows downloads from their website. One of those who had encountered this problem had posted a msg saying he had gone to his FS map and had eliminated a file called "CaptainSim\C130," after which his downloads proceeded normally. I think when he referred to his "FS map" he means the "tree" by which we track down where FS9 and the CS installations would be. I've gone through my FS files and can not find any more CS C130 files. I do have some other CS aircraft, F-104, MiG-21 and Boeing 707 installed but in theory they shouldn't have any affect on this problem. Am I wrong?

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