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Help Setting Up Two Graphics Cards.

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Hi... I have 2 x ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards I want to set my 3 x 27" monitors in surround mode then I have a 19" VGA monitor that I want to use for an instrument panel and also a VRI Insight GPS5 unit that also takes a VGA input.


The graphic card outputs are as follows :-


1 x Native dual-link DVI-1


1x Native HDMI 2.0


3 x Native DisplayPort 1.2


I can get three screens in surround mode using NVidia's software but the fourth screen, (the 19" monitor) goes dead. I haven't plugged in the VRI Insight GPS 5 unit yet.


Basically, If I activate all screens I can get all four individual screens but if I go to "Surround" mode" it kills the fourth monitor.




Any help would be most appreciated !

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