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LegionAir has moved!!


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LegionAir has moved to its new home at http://www.aloftvirtualalliance.com.

The reason for this move is recently the staff at LegionAir recently acquired a Virtual Airline name TravelJet. TravelJet is a northern European airline with flights all over the world. It's hubs consist of EGKK, ENGM, and EKCH. When that happened we really wanted the two to run together but still have their own space. This was not working as well as we thought it would but we had an idea that we are very excited about. When you go to the site you will see the slider for partner airlines. There is more to come than just TravelJet and LegionAir merging. Currently there is another virtual airline that is working its way to release. The new release will be shown in due time. A hint though is that is a modern airline in South America. There is some wonderful flying down there and we are very stoked to get it out to the pilots so they can experience that themselves. As we itch closer we will be releasing repaint photos, hubs, and fleet for people to see. Our goal is to provide a virtual airline that although may be fictional but based on real world operators all over. Some may say why not do real world va's all over. Simple not as much freedom and creativity like we have here. We know that will show as we roll out each virtual airline. Our websites for LegionAir and TravelJet are both up still so we can move and ensure we have everything we need off of them. Take a look at Aloft, we welcome all pilots from anywhere and any experience level.

Aloft Staff

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