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I accidentaly deleted the prepar3d.exe file PLEASE HELP ME


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hi guys, i recently renamed prepar3d.exe to fsx.exe so the ezdok addon could work with Prepar3D without any other changes needed. But, i also installed russian migration tool and enable the virtual FSX, and it made a fake fsx.exe inside the temporary fsx folder and my original P3D installation folder. And then i also installed many WOAI traffic textures, but i got an error saying that i have a duplicate textures folders, so i think disabling the migration tool would make the warning gone. when i hit disable virtual fsx, the fsx.exe file inside the prepar3d installation folder was also deleted, which is my original prepar3d.exe


can someone send me the prepar3d.exe file immediately? i have no time for repairing the prepar3d because it took forever to repair. and btw i'm using Prepar3D v2.4. send it to yogajangkungs@gmail.com


thank you so much



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You can't repair when this badly corrupted. Re-install from your original source, i.e. Your downloaded P3D file or DVD version. You have discovered short cuts do not work. Never install more than one add-on at a time. Always run P3D after installing each addition to make sure it works.



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