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New Mirage 2000 & F-4 Phantom II Squadron at Military Air Simulation


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Hello Pilots


I am a member of Military Air Simulation, a multinational Virtual Military Airline for FSX that makes use of VRS Tacpack and a wide spectrum of excellent software and aircraft to provide a FSX military experience like no other. MAS is not quite the traditional Military Virtual Airline in the sense that MAS Operates as part of its own network and we run our own private servers independent of organisations such as VATSIM. We also have a basic military hierarchy (MAS Admins > Squadron Commanders > Squadron Pilots), and rather than representing or being themed on a single Air Force we offer the ability to fly for any Air Force around the world. This means that we can offer members a huge range of options in terms of squadrons to join and aircraft to fly. If you have a favourite aircraft, we probably have a squadron flying it. MAS currently has 50 Members registered across 10 different squadrons themed after various world Air Forces, and MAS has its own dedicated Training Squadron to get new Pilots up and running.


I am looking for any Virtual Pilots over the age of 16 who would be interested in flying the Metal2Mesh Mirage 2000-C and/or the Milviz F-4E Phantom II in my new squadron I am raising at MAS. We will be primarily a North American squadron running off of GMT -6 Central Time, but we will be flying under the name of 332 All Weather Squadron "Falcons" of the Hellenic Air Force. We will be based out of Tanagra Air Force Base (LGTG) and will have plenty of opportunities to fly on a regular basis anything from casual practice flights, to mock dogfighting with other MAS Squadrons, to full scale operations with the whole participation of MAS, all powered by Tacpack. If you are interested, please visit the Registration Guide, and when you complete your Application, select 332 Squadron.




MAS Homepage




Registration Guide




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