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Windows 8.1 No blue screen when selecting aircraft. Screen black?


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Well, son of a gun! :D


The lone FS2002 wacko on this board also thanks you. :pilot:

The black screen problem was something I mentioned in my FS2002 and Win 10 thread. I was kind of hoping it was due to something I might be able to tweak in the FS config file but had the feeling it was more of a DirectX issue.

Going windowed (alt-enter) fixed it for me as well.

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I installed windows 10. The same problem cropped up, however windows 10 "Control Panel" has a "Troubleshooting" icon. Open it up and select. "Programs". select ,

"Program compatibility Troubleshooter". On the bottom select NEXT." Scroll down to the program you want to use.(Example fs9). select NEXT. "select" Try recommended setting".


"Highlight" Windows compatibility mode Windows XP Service Pack 3.OR whatever program you used that worked.



If it starts up run it for awhile before shutting it down, then select. [Yes, save these settings for this program]. wait for it to let it make the corrections.

It fixed all my problems.

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