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XB-70 Flight Test rollout at Edwards new scenery development progress pics.


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Hi everyone!


Here are some pics of the very basic alpha of this scenery I just started developing. So far, the XB-70 tows itself over to the staging area on its own. I need to model the correct hangar for it and get good scenery objects for it. Here's some initial eye candy though.


The XB-70 is ready to roll out (I'm going to modify it's actual hangar to have a usable interior instead of this one).




She is rolled out and is towed to the staging area. Here, a flight line truck observes and clears any FOD.

Roll out from hangar.jpg


The hangar on the left is North American's actual XB-70 hangar. For now, I'm using Lockheed's hangar (for the SR-71) until I remodel the correct one with a usable interior.




The massive XB-70 arrives at the staging area next to the desert.

Comming into staging area.jpg



...Easy does it!




She now takes on a staggering 120 tons of fuel!




Time to start up the 'six-pack.' Talk about loud: 6 engines with 6 huge Start APU's and at least another 3 or 4 big APU's for systems!




U.S. Air Force aircraft number 20001 sure is beautiful.





GSE's disconnected and ready to taxi - She will soon hit 70-grand up at Mach 2.5 - 3.1! Damn impressive!



That's it for the moment. I need to develop it and improve the quality. When complete, it will allow you to use planes and helicopters to chase it as well as it will be fully flyable for taxiing and flight tests.


Take care!:cool:



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To me, The XB-70 stole the show :D But the scenery is looking good, too.
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Cavalierjan19, thank you for your compliment. I'm looking for or will make start-cart APU's that look like the real thing and add more details. I'm glad you like it. I hope in the time I have available to soon have scenery you can download.

Take care:cool:

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