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Running PMDG

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Hello Guys,


I just got the PMDG 737NGX it dropped my FPS significantly. I'm running a:

AMD FX 6300 3.5GHz

12GB Ram

AMD Radeon HD 7900

Windows 7

Also running Ultimate Terrain and FTX Vector

I also ran the cfg fix from http://www.venetubo.com/


What can I change hardware wise to run the NGX more efficiently. In the daytime I get around 15fps at night it drops to like 9.





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As your CPU is overclockable, you can overclock it. The GPU is fine. You can change some settings in FSX. That's it, I think.
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UTX and FTX Vector do pretty much the same things. Try to temporarily disable them, one at a time, to see any difference. I ran with both for a while, and got some FPS improvement after uninstalling UTX.


CPU I7-960 @ 3.8 Ghz, Asetek Water Cooler

Asus P6T X58 MB, 6Gb RAM Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600Mhz

EVGA nVidia GTX 570, 1.28Gb DDR5 RAM

1 Tb SATA II HD, Kingston 128Gb SSD (FSX only)

Apevia 800W PS, Win 7 64-bit Acceleration

OrbxFTX Global BASE, OrbxFTX Global Vector, OrbxFTX open LCEurope, FS Genesis World Mesh, DX10 Fixer

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You can also get improvement in FPS by disabling vector in the scenery library. With my high end system and PMDG 737 it is what I do to be able to run 30 FPS locked constant with Flightbeams and FSDreamteams airports over FTX Global.
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The 6300 is a great CPU and was made to overclock to 4Ghz easily, and if you have been lucky in the CPU lottery you could get more out of it although I don't recommend it. That would be first on my performance to do list. You will find that will yield you the biggest fps increase without having to start to tweaking with the settings. From there start taking as much load off the CPU as possible by turning off things that are running in the background of your OS like antivirus software etc. After each change benchmark to see what gain if any you get. This can be time consuming but if you make a number of changes first then benchmark your system you don't know what works, what doesn't, and what makes things worse.
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