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Where are the 2D panels?


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The way I have my sim (P3D) configured is that I use some large monitors for the external view, and a smaller one for the instrument panel ... this requires a "2D Panel" view to work. I don't use the "virtual cockpit" views, as cool as they are. However, I am finding that 3rd party aircraft don't always come with 2D panels, and many of the docs/web pages for these downloads makes no mention of whether a 2D panel is included or not.


So am I missing something? Are 2D panels just not commonly used? Is there a way to create a 2D panel in an aircraft that doesn't seem to have one by default? I don't know anything about customizing or building panels etc, so that might be a crazy idea. Anyway, if other people have the same issue as me I'd be interested to know how you work around it.

Intel i7 4790K 4Ghz / GeForce GTX 980 4GB / Asus Maximus VI Extreme / 16GB DDR3 @ 1600Hz

P3D v2 + ORBX / CS-1 Stallion (under construction)


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Hi itmust,


"Are 2D panels just not commonly used? Is there a way to create a 2D panel in an aircraft that doesn't seem to have one by default?"


2D panels are still frequently found but are becoming less common. It's usually a simple matter to add a panel from a similar aircraft. It simply involves copying a couple of sections from the panel.cfg, doing a bit of re-numbering and, if the copied panel info is unique to an addon aircraft, some gauge files. I can't be more specific without knowing the exact aircraft.

Jim F.

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(In FSX)

If a plane has no panel.

it will still have a panel folder. And a panel.cfg.

The panel.cfg file contains info about the virtual cockpit, namely positions of the gauges in there. This will be in the sections:





In a normal panel.cfg those are at the bottom of the file. Above it are the sections for the 2D panels.


Besides the panel.cfg file, the panel folder will also contain gauges that are used in the VC. Probably in a .cab file or seperat .xml files.



What I would do In your situation:

Find a panel you like. In another plane.


In the plane to edit, rename the panel folder to: "panel.orig.off"


From the panel you want to start using, take the entire panel folder and put it in the folder of the aircraft that needs a panel. This will be the panel folder from now on. I'll call this the new panel folder.

(The 'old' panel folder is the one that has no 2d panels)


For the 2d panel everything is now in place.

But you need to have the vc as well.


Open the old panel folder, and open the old panel.cfg file.


Open the new panel.cfg file as well.


Copy all the VC sections [VCockpit01] , [VCockpit02] etc to the new panel.cfg file. replace what is already there. Save the file. Close them both.


Then From the old panel folder copy all the gauges to the new panel folder. Just copy all files except the panel.cfg file.



That's it.



I don't have or know p3d, so there may be minor differences, but I thought you could move over planes between the sims with a lot of ease, so I think the above steps will do it.



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I too do not use the VC and have a similar setup as yours. Using gauges and panels from similar aircraft doesn't work properly especially for a lot of the add-ons that have gauges specifically for that plane.


I now use http://www.simplugins.com and am thinking of trying http://airrietveld.nl/index.php/software/air-manager.


Some add-ons come with pop ups.


My favorite go to plane is the carenado pc-12. The instrument and ehsi gauges are a pop up and can be moved to second monitor. I then supplement the missing gauges with the simplugin gauges.


You can do similar things with other more complex aircraft.

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