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FSX to FS9


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G'day I have had to stop flying in FSX as my poor old laptop isn't up to it, so now i am installing FS9

Can somebody please point me to a list or reference for what to download to make FS9 look it's best,.


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Stick to the free stuff if possible. Although something like GePro or EVO is needed for ground textures.

I use fs9 default cloud textures resized even smaller and I reckon they look better then the Rex ones I have.

Plenty of freeware sky textured to suit personal taste.

I found one of the best tree packages is one called HD trees or something like that but they big texture sizes. 1024x1024 so if it reduces performance, try some smaller ones.

Don't forget VOZ. Adds many Australian airports and textures which can be used world wide. Free too!


Go easy on the large texture sizes. It'll still look great. From 3000ft, I can barely if at all see a difference between FSX 1024x1024 ground textures and fs9 256x256 size.


Welcome back! :p

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