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BEST ATR for FSX/Windows 8


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Hi all,


I wonder if any of you have succeeded in making the Flight 1 ATR 72 work satisfactory in FSX/Windows 8?


I see some discussion on the Flight 1 forum about this but the add-on was originally not compatible with Windows 8 and the suggestions for solving the compatability issue in the forum seem a bit outdated today. Maybe someone has come up with a better lasting solution?


Alternatively: Is there a better ATR 72 for FSX/Windows 8 than the Flight 1 ATR?


Thanks in advance Simon

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I like flying the ATR, and have not found a single freeware ATR that I like (no VC). I do have the Flight1 ATR, which is an extremely complicated aircraft. It is not a joy to fly. So, I have no decent ATR to fly. I run Windows 8.1, and fsx behaves very poorly.
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