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Best Virtual Airline for a rookie???


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Pay our website a visit. Platinum Airways applies the Open Skies principle: you can fly any mission of your choice with the aircraft of your choice at the time of your choice. We combine this with hundreds of suggested missions out of our five optional hubs (KEWR, KDFW, CYVR, YPPH and EBBR), military and cargo missions, our Destination of the Week, etc. We are offline by default and are also affiliated with VATSIM. Only requirements: minimum 18 years of age, one PIREP per month (unless you require leave, which is always granted) and to have fun while flying.



Honorary President, Platinum Airways

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As one of the oldest VA's out there, American Flight Airways is the way to go. It is where I got my start back in 2008 and its the only place I've liked and stayed. They are not strict but there is an order to things. The 757 is in the fleet with multiple liveries as well.


You can find them here: http://www.flyafa.com

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