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Captainsim 757/767 waypoint altitudes

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Why are the last STAR waypoints are being entered with high altitudes and high cruising speed? Not all, initially it is decreasing to about 12000 ft/250 kts, and then at some point it is 34000 ft again and 300 kts.


Frustrating issue with 757, CS is the only more or less a simulation despite the very-horrible VC geometry and PF displays of weird form, at least hope to get it work normally. I may be doing something wrong entering the STAR (?) Although it is the same thing without STAR: the destination airport is entered with cruising altitude and speed.

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The Captainsim 757/767 sure don't have the most reliable FMC. I had a similar issue the other day. What you are going to want to do is write down all the waypoints you enter (i.e. not part of the STAR or SID). Then go and enter your STAR. If you go to the LEGS page you should see a whole bunch of new waypoints, with different altitudes. First join up the discontinuity, then step through each leg, making sure no points you entered come after the STAR. This is because the FMC seemingly sets all the waypoints you enter as cruise waypoints. So just delete any of these waypoints that come after the STAR.


If that doesn't work, enter your waypoints, and at the final one, usually the airport's VOR or other nav aid, go to the LEGS page and put in something like 180/1000 as the speed/altitude for the last waypoint. You should now get a T/D and then you can enter the STAR, and can just delete the manually entered waypoint later.


I initially found the CS 757/767 FMC very frustrating, but eventually it becomes manageable.


Hope this makes sense :)

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