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All you want to know about fsx performance, simplified!


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Good job on the preemptive strike and swapping out the HDD before disaster struck! I guess it's better to spend a little money now while the problem is still small rather than...you know. ;)



Yes, FSX is the main reason for the choices I've made when building the current rig. I do play other games and sometimes do actual "work" (mostly Word documents), but don't do any video editing nor Photoshop stuff. Like I said, I'm very happy with my current rig and will explore the CPU's overclocking potential a bit further... Although I've read somewhere that unless you're going to use liquid nitrogen, getting much past 5gHz (AND STABLE) is very difficult.



Thanks for the references - gives me a decent idea of relative performance differences between the various CPUs out there when running a vanilla FSX install.

As for the 64 bit stuff - I'm not a software programmer or anything like that but I was wondering: If FSX was somehow miraculously transformed into a 64 bit program, would that do anything to alleviate the 4Gb VAS limit thereby eliminating the dreaded "OOM" errors we sometimes get when flying for long periods of time, and into and out of complex addon scenery/aircraft? I understand X-Plane 10 is 64 bit (I don't have it and I don't know anything about it, really), so do those users run into OOMs when using complex addons? I know X-Plane and FSX are completely different programs, so the comparison may not be valid.

I usually do not encounter OOMs anymore (very rarely - the only time I get that now is when in the Aerosoft F14 at FSDT's KIAH airport, and really only when the weather is bad via ASN) after switching to DX10 preview - I only fly in that mode exclusively now. The moving cockpit shadows are great and really adds to the realism! :cool: My only "gripe" about DX10 is that AA doesn't seem to work as well for me as compared to DX9, even when I have all AA/image quality settings set as high as possible or in my experimentation with different settings in the CCC...


Thanks again all and happy flying!


E-Buzz :pilot:


Yes E-Buzz, as I mentioned, and 64 bit application will allow you to use more Memory, not only ram, vram and VAS would improve, giving you more stability, not FPS, I have X-PLANE 10.3x, and yes, its a very stable application, solid Frame rates and no crashes.

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